Patchwork Bird – Quilt Tutorial

Patchwork Bird – Quilt Tutorial
The photo above © Teje Karjalainen
If you look carefully this block, you see that there are only squares and triangles. You can see this bird in many sites on the internet but I haven’t seen it with a wing. Here is the plan …


– whole squares are 2,5 ” x 2,5 “

– triangles are half squares from 3″ x 3″ squares

– beak (nose) is half square from 2,5″ x 2,5″ square and it’s on 2,5″ x 2,5″ square

– feet are 1″ x 2,5″ and the grass next to the foot is 2″ x 2,5″

!!! Take care how to cut your pieces if you use fabrics where the direction is important – for example my trees. You need two opposite triangles (otherwise the other piece is horizontal and the other vertical).

Sew first all the small parts. Sew the nose-triangle on the corner of one 2,5″ x 2,5″ square. Cutaway the remaining corner from the square which is under the nose triangle.

Press the seams open and trim the squares to 2,5″ x 2,5″.

Next sew the squares in rows …

Press the seams open.

Sew the rows together.

Trim your block and your bird is ready!

Finished block size is about 10″ (10,5″) depending on how exact your seam allowance is. I use about 1,4″ seam allowance.

I like to press seams open because then there are less seams in point – and I like symmetry.

If you like to ask something, please don’t hesitate. I’m happy if I can help!

Try different colours to see how big difference it makes …

Next time I shall show you what I made with my (till now) favourite bird.

If you know some other fun blocks with squares and triangles, please tell! I draw a cat to my notebook but didn’t sew it yet – so can’t be sure if it will look cat or something else. I hope to try it soon.

Thank you so much for your visit! Thank you also for your most lovely comments! I enjoy to read them and I do my best to answer! Next week there/here will be something very exciting – oh I start to be nervous!

Happy sewing!