Cathedral Windows - Tutorial

Today I thought I would do a demo on one of my favorite techniques - Cathedral Windows. This is a hand technique where you take a light fabric like muslin fold and stitch then add a piece of patterned fabric for the "window" part. It's generally done by hand and can be easily adapted to any size. Here's Google's image gallery when you search for Cathedral Windows Quilt - isn't this sew amazing, I love it so I thought I would share it with all of you.

This one here is approx 16"w x 16"h x 4" deep - this was one of the first projects I made using this technique, and I've received so many compliments on it:) People just want to stop me everywhere and figure out how it's made? Have you tried this before?
Cathedral Windows - Tutorial
The photo above © Valerie - Pastimes Online
Here's another tote approx 8"w x 12"h x 4" deep with an adorable pocket and ruffle, perfect for taking your hand piecing and stitching projects with you:) OR pack a lunch in this...

 Here's one that Danielle made, it's the perfect hostess gift with a bottle of nice wine in it. Also, she did her's with all the same colours for the windows, using our Burgundy dupioni silk.

Here goes, ready to try something easy and fun? Don't be shy if your not a hand stitcher or piecer because this technique is super easy, just take your time.

2- 9" squares muslin, plain stitching needle, basic sewing thread to match your muslin.

Iron in 1/4" all the way around

Press all your corners in towards the center

Now with a small whip stitch, stitch the "X" closed you can do a slip stitch also so your stitches are completely hidden. You'll barely see your whip stitches if you choose to do it this way:)

Once you have both seams sewn shut, connect all 4 corners into the middle

Now repeat for your second square. The one thing with this technique is you need two squares to create one "window".

Now, connect your two squares together with a whip stitch (showing) or a slip stitch (invisible)

The best fabrics to use for the "window" parts are scraps, pick a theme, reds, blues, or pinks and browns, or just all scraps - is sew adorable too. Cut your squares 2.5". You can pin this center square in place if you like, I always found that the pin got in the way :)

Fold the center part of your background over your window fabric and begin stitch it down using a slip stitch or a blind hem stitch - you want this to be invisible.

When stitching, you want to make sure you only go through the folded background piece and your window area not into the background because you actually want to be able to put your fingers through the openings to give it the 3 dimensional effect.

Sew, what do you think? Is this something you'd like to try?

Thank you for following this tutorial, I love playing around over here and I hope I've inspired your viewers just a little. Until next time, stay happy and creative.