Official Kittyville Hat Pattern

Official Kittyville Hat Pattern
© K. Schmidt
Worsted weight wool. Black or grey is nice-- fuzzy yarn like mohair would be great, but I haven't tried this. In fact, the fakiest acrylic fuzzy yarn in a LOUD color would be wonderful. You be the judge.
1 16" circular needle, size 7,
one set of double pointeds, size 7
Stitch markers
Tapestry needle

Gauge: (approximate) 4 or 4.5 sts. to the inch

Cast on 84 stitches on circular needles. Work 1-3/4" (1.75") in seed stitch (round 1: k1, p1 for whole round. round 2: p1, k1 for whole round.) Switch to stockinette stitch for 3-3/4" (3.75") more inches. Put a stitch marker after every 12th stitch.
Reduction Rows: (switch to double pointeds when necessary) *K2 tog. before each marker, knit one round plain* 4 times, then k2 together before marker on every round until there are 7 stitches left on needle. Break off yarn, leaving a fairly long tail. Draw tail through remaining 7 sts, pull firmly, and draw through to inside of hat.

Earflaps and Ties
On cast-on edge, count 12 stitches from beginning of round. Pick up 18 stitches from this point, making sure to pick up through both loops of the stitch. Work 3 rows in seed stitch.
Row 4: k1, k2 tog, seed stitch to last 3 stitches, k2 tog, k1.
Seed stitch 1 row plain.
Continue on in seed stitch, repeating *row 4, seed stitch one row plain* until there are 4 stitches left.
K1, k2 tog, k1. There are 3 stitches left. Knit 2 more rows in seed stitch, then knit i-cord for 12" or desired length. Break off a couple of inches of yarn, and thread through remaining stitches and pull up firmly to close. Make pom-poms and attach to i-cord.

Lay hat flat with the earflaps in the center. Above the earflap, slightly front of center, measure about 3/4" down from the top of the hat. From this point, pick up 12 stitches down towards the earflap. Work 2 rows in seed stitch. Next row: *k1, k2tog, seed stitch to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1. Seed stitch 1 row plain.* Repeat from * to * until there are 4 stitches left. K1, k2tog, k1, turn. K1, k2tog, turn. K2tog. Break off yarn and pull through last stitch. Weave end through ear to hide. At the base of this ear, pick up 12 stitches. Repeat entire process, so there is a double ear above the earflap. Using a tapestry needle, whip stitch the two pieces together.
Repeat for other ear.

Weave in ends.